@InfamousKai: Interesting that the original article doesn't mention who Charlie McDowell (the guy who writes Dear Girls Above Me) is. He's not some random nobody - he's the son of Mary Steenburgen and Malcolm McDowell. So I'm sure it didn't hurt that he already had connections. » 10/18/10 8:42pm 10/18/10 8:42pm

@mulletkitty: Yeah, definitely Cherry/Sarah for that one. Kim Raver could fit the description for the married actress - didn't she recently get bumped from guest star to regular on Grey's Anatomy? » 7/28/10 11:38am 7/28/10 11:38am

@cyberathena: Not that it really matters, but those are not the same girls. The ones Xylo posted have two mixed-race parents. The ones you posted have a white mother and a mixed-race father. See here: [www.thesun.co.uk] » 7/21/10 1:05pm 7/21/10 1:05pm

@racefortheprize: And it was just a promotional stunt for a tennis tournament that was being played in Dubai at the time. The court isn't a permanent fixture. That's normally the hotel's helipad. » 5/27/10 10:05am 5/27/10 10:05am

@lorrigirl: Pretty sure that's not his wife. Just go to GettyImages and search for pictures of him with his wife. She's no supermodel, but she's not unattractive, either (and she doesn't look much like the person in that picture). » 5/13/10 3:25pm 5/13/10 3:25pm

@Vulcan Has No Moon: At the very least, there will be another election in two years (because it was a special election to finish Kennedy's term, not an election for a full six-year term). Once he starts voting on things and people remember he's actually a Republican, I think a decent Democratic candidate should be… » 1/31/10 4:55pm 1/31/10 4:55pm

One other small but good bit from the interviews that I don't think has been mentioned - Gary Oldman tried to teach Conan how to properly express his anger, after which Conan came out from behind the desk and pretended to beat up one of the cameras. Of course no specifics as to where the theoretical anger was coming… » 1/12/10 4:15am 1/12/10 4:15am

@jenndavo: No way it's Alyson Hannigan. She's given recent interviews about how happy she is being a mother and what a great father her husband is. Also gave backstory to the Halloween costume, and it actually had something to do with her husband - something about how when he was a kid and his sister was born, he… » 12/17/09 3:01pm 12/17/09 3:01pm

That account you credit as being the "real" Gerry Fraley doesn't look real to me either. It's also got a tweet saying Henry died hours before the real news reports say he did (they say he died at 6:30 am - the "real" account has a tweet from 14 hours ago saying he died). The "real" account also says he spoke to the… » 12/17/09 2:31pm 12/17/09 2:31pm

Just curious - what's the big deal about #3? At worst it seems like it would be an annoyance. But how is it a privacy issue? Can't you just refuse requests from people you don't want to be "friends" with? (In case it's not obvious, I don't use Facebook.) » 12/16/09 5:07pm 12/16/09 5:07pm